Written Book Report

Books of Choice (2)
Assignment Overview
This assignment is to be completed as homework. Below is a list of books to choose from. Students must choose a book from this list and it must be a book they have not read before. Let me know if you have read all of these and I will supply you with other options. Also if there is a book not listed that you desire to read let me know and we will discuss your personal option.

Charlotte’s Web
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Number the Stars
The Bridge to Terabithia
The Wednesdays Wars
A Crooked Kind of Perfect
Tuck Everlasting
Walk Two Moons

Fly Away Home
Night of the Twister
A Wrinkle in Time
Where the Red Fern Grows
Chocolate Touch
The Indian in the Cupboard

Reading is brain food it has the potential to take you places you only thought possible in your dreams. Have Fun and become a bookworm!!


Due Dates
Written Book Report 1:
        Due October 9
Written Book Report 2:
        Due March 9

    Please allow yourself enough time to start and finish this assignment. You will not be given time in class, so this must be completed at home. Time may be given to read during the school day therefore bring your book with you daily.

    These dates are firm. You have them in advance and therefore there is no reason they should be late.

Embark on new journeys, snuggle with your book and loose yourself!