Absences and Tardies

    School starts at 8:30 am with morning announcements and we will hit the ground running right after. Any student not in class by the time announcements are finished will be counted as tardy. Five tardies will constitute as one absence.

     Homework assigned before an absence is due the day the student returns. For homework assigned during an absence, the student has three days (per absent day) to complete and turn in assignments before they are counted late.

     Tests are posted in advance on the board. Any student absent the day of the test will take it the day they get back.

Snacks and Lunches

Each student will take turns bringing morning snack for the class. We will go in alphabetical order by last name. When it is your turn to bring snack, please be sure to bring enough to last a complete week for the whole class.

Students can bring sack lunches from home or eat a hot lunch prepared here. Hot lunches will be charged to your account as they are eaten. Sack lunches can be kept in the refrigerators in the cafeteria.

Discipline Policy and Rewards

Classroom Discipline Policy:

GREEN- On target
BLUE- Warning
YELLOW- lose 5 min. of recess
PINK- lose recess and problem solving
PURPLE- detention and parent contact
ORANGE- principal's office
When a student moves their rainbow to purple they are asked to record their behavior in a journal kept on the cabinet counter. They will be asked to write their name in the book, as well as the date and reason. When a students name is recorded in the book more than three times they are excluded from receiving the Citizenship Award. Any student with a uniform violation (including elective wear) will write their name in the book. Parents can check the book when they drop off or pick up their student. After a student has written their name in the book a second time a note will be sent home to the parent to inform them. This is a running total for a single nine week period, and at the beginning of each new nine weeks every student will start with a clean slate.

Each student has a sticker chart attached to their desk. Praise worthy behavior is rewarded by adding a sticker the the chart. When the chart is full the student can save it and start a new one. A sticker chart can be used to replace the grade of a homework assignment with a 100% or used to add an extra five points to a test or quiz.

Dress Code

Ms. Jackie has asked that the school dress code be strictly enforced. After announcements each morning there will be a uniform inspection. If a student is not properly attired, a phone call will be made to that parent and the missing/inappropriate item of clothing will have to be supplied/replaced. This also applies to electives. Any student that does not have the required clothing for any elective will not be allowed to participate that day. If you have any questions about dress codes please see the front office.

Cell Phones

There are absolutely no student cell phones allowed on campus. If a cell phone is found in a locker or backpack it will be confiscated. This is Ms. Jackie's policy. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please see the front office.