Quiz/Test Corrections
Grade Boost
It is my goal as a teacher to see each individual succeed to their maximum potential.

Quiz/Test corrections are a way of reinforcing the material you are required to know to successfully complete the subjects. Tests are a way of assessing whether or not someone has mastered the skills/content. If you have incorrect answers on a quiz/test, then something was not recalled. It is important that we try to fix that. Careful preparation before a test will help reduce the number of test corrections required.


EVERY STUDENT is required to complete a quiz/test correction page for every quiz/test (unless they receive 100%).


All students have the opportunity to earn back half the points that were lost on any quiz/test. They do this by submitting quiz/test corrections.

The policy for submitting quiz/test corrections for additional points is as follows.

1.The quiz/test must have a parent’s signature on it before test corrections will be accepted.
2.Any incorrect answer must be corrected properly.
3.Do not write anything on your original test paper.
4.Quiz/Test corrections should be done on loose-leaf paper.
5.Corrections must be done neatly in blue or black ink or pencil.
6.The number of the correction must match the number on the quiz/test (if #4 and #10 are incorrect, then the corrections must be numbered #4 and #10).
7.The loose-leaf paper must be stapled to the test.
8.The corrected answer must be correct, to receive points.
9.To earn points back, you must completely rewrite your answer to that part (use complete sentences).
10.You may use your book/notes/assignments.
If you don’t enjoy the quiz/test corrections, try to find a different way of studying so that you retain the material easier. Ask questions, study early, review assignments and notes. WHATEVER IT TAKES- you have to discover what works best for you! Better quiz/test grades will mean fewer corrections to write!