Homework Policy

Why do fourth graders have homework?
Homework is given to:
1) review information/reinforce what is learned in class
2) practice old skills
3) practice new skills
4) complete unfinished class work
5) study for quizzes/tests
6) complete long term projects
7) promote good study habits and organizational skills
8) facilitate and encourage parent involvement,
9) help monitor students’ progress and identify any gaps in their comprehension

Most school nights, fourth grade students should be able to finish their homework in 45 minutes to an hour. If your child is spending an hour or more each evening on homework, please contact me to discuss the matter

What is fourth grade homework?

Homework can take a variety of forms:
1) Unfinished class work from that day, as determined by the teacher.
2) Periodic review of key skills/concepts
3) Problem solving mathematics activities
4) Projects that strengthen and extend the learning that occurs throughout a unit/chapter

How do I know what is today's homework?

Students are responsible for copying homework accurately from the whiteboard into their planners. They are also responsible for remembering to take home all books and materials needed to complete their homework. Each student has a homework folder where they put unfinished class work and homework. This should be coming home with students in the evening. Students do not need to take all subject textbooks home every night. Take home what is needed to complete homework and unfinished class work.

What happens to/with homework?

Homework is expected to be done when it is assigned. Most assignments will be completed in one evening and turned in the next day (work needs to be turned in homework bin when student arrives at school). Some homework projects are given in advance and should be worked on during the allotted time. For long term assignments, due dates will always be provided by the teacher so students will know exactly when the assignment is due and how long they have to complete the work. If incomplete class work is assigned as homework, it should be done and returned the following morning. Students are responsible for turning in completed assignments as requested by the teacher. They are to make the assumption that all work needs to be turned in unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

Returning homework is very important and is taken very seriously. Any child not returning their homework will see an impact on their grade. The severity of the classroom consequence for a student not having completed homework will be based on the frequency of missing homework assignments. Possible consequences for not turning homework in on time may include:

1. Recording the score as a zero until the assignment is completed and turned into be scored. (2nd day late lose 2 points, 3rd day late lose 5 points, after the 3rd day it will be recorded as a zero)
2. Completing missing assignments during recess time.
3. Taking work home again with parent contact.
4. The teacher contacting parents to inform them of chronically late assignments or several missing assignments.
5. Loss of special programs or projects to make up missing assignments.
6. Detention

Homework Corrections

*Homework corrections and redo’s are allowed if student received a 75% or less on
class work/homework.
*Must be done on a separate piece of paper
*# corrected must match # missed
*Attach corrections/redo’s to original assignment
*Due one week from date of return

Absent Homework

 In the occurrence of an absence your child will receive an absent homework slip. Any worksheets, handouts, etc. will be attached to the slip.
 Homework assigned before an absence is due the day the student returns. For homework assigned during an absence, the student has three days (per absent day) to complete and turn in the assignments before they are counted late.

What homework/class work is reoccurring?

    Friday- Definitions over Unit List (due the following Tuesday)
    Monday- Unit List practice
Social Studies:
    Every week a Current Event is due on Friday. Current Events may come from news channel, newspaper, magazine, or internet. The article needs to be attached to worksheet. If you get Current Event from a news channel record news show and channel on worksheet.

    Students need to be reading for written book report assignment. Review assignment outline for more details.
    When we begin reading our class novels students will have assigned reading every night. Review assignment outline for more details.

How can parents help?

When you pick your child up in the afternoon review the Homework whiteboard. Each day of the week is color coded to diminish confusion. Please review your student’s planner with them before leaving and also in the evening to monitor completion of work. Parents are encouraged to look over homework and offer help when needed. Please write notes on papers if you feel it would be helpful for the teacher to know your child had difficulty with an assignment.

Please help your child to learn to be responsible for their own homework. Let us start setting the foundation of responsibility now. I appreciate your support and invite your input.